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Immigration event 17Feb-34
Join us in Wellington on 17 February, where Dr Oliver Hartwich will talk about the changing nature of the European Union, and what it might mean in 2016.
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Jason Krupp discusses how local government can empower New Zealand's communities, supporting the release of the Initiative's new report, The Local Formula.

Jenesa Jeram talks about what she and Dr Bryce Wilkinson learnt from their poverty and welfare research trip to Hong Kong in November 2015.
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Oxfam does fantastic work in the developing world. It is one of the relatively few charities endorsed by The Life You Can Save: the Peter Singer-inspired NGO that ranks charities...
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There is no poverty in New Zealand because the poor are not living in slums. Some people in so-called poverty even have cars and ovens. Whether you agree or disagree...
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"I only buy certified organic, fair-trade, palm oil-free, ethically-sourced, free-range, sustainable, eco-friendly, non-GMO products." Yeah right. Over the past few years, companies have noted a change in consumer preferences, particularly...
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I prefer making New Year's resolutions for other people rather than for myself. And in that spirit, can we make 2016 the year of not obsessing about whether New Zealand...
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"Education is a right! Stop the debt sentence!" These were the slogans emblazoned on placards, held by students rallying against the University of Auckland’s 2015 fee hikes. Any increase in university fees...
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For all those who have set their New Year's resolutions, how’s that going? Will 2016 be the year you finally get slimmer, richer, and more attractive?   There will no...
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It is inherent for us, as a reasonable and rational being, to have dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, we dream not only for the good of our own self, but also for the benefit of the entire nation. It is very impressive if we also care for others, especially if we know that at some point we are living in a bed of roses. We need to support our nation by helping it to become better and stronger. One way is to encourage economic growth. We could be successful if we are also living in a place where there is a free and fair society. And if we have a dynamic economy, then maybe there is no more room for illiterates, homelessness, financial losses, and other problems which are widespread in almost all parts of the world. Promoting our products and services will be easier if we give our consumers a promo code. We should help our customers get their needs and wants at the least possible price.
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Business Can Be Good

A lot of people assume that people who make money via business are only in business to make money and this is not necessarily false. However, one can also be a business owner and work for the greater good if they want to. If you are one such business owner or know a business owner that wants to be part of something bigger, there are groups available that can make this goal a reality. Some of them require cost on your part, but with the coupon code expedia campaigns that some of these groups are running, that cost won’t be too much.
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The Local Formula argues that unless new ways are found to encourage local communities to be more open to growth, efforts to lift the country's economic performance will be frustrated.

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The report proposes setting up Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as a means of tailoring policy reform to regional needs, encouraging regional economic development, while also piloting policy changes before rolling them out to the entire country.

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Members of The New Zealand Initiative respond to the Prime Minister's open invitation made at our 2015 members' retreat to provide a document of regulations that they considered needed to be modified or scrapped.

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